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Congregation Ariel Youth Program

At Congregation Ariel, we know that the youth are our future.  Our youth director, Tzeryl Ebrams, provides exciting and varied programming for youth of all ages, from toddlers through teens.

Congregation Ariel has programming throughout the year to help bring excitement and connection around Jewish Holidays and special occasions for our youth! Between Bnei Akiva, ChillZone, Project Linda, Youth Outings and Activities our community is always participating in ways to engage our most valued members, our children. Every Shabbat and holiday is celebrated in a meaningful way for our youth.  

Our Shabbat morning programming is divided by age level to meet the needs of the children it serves.

Preschool Shabbat Morning Program: Tot Shabbat is led by our dynamic teacher. The children play and do a Tefilah service filled with movement and song. The program is concluded by a Kiddush and treat with Rabbi Binyomin Friedman.

Elementary School Shabbat Morning Program: Children are divided into groups, by age, to engage in a meaningful morning program. Games, Parsha lessons and Tefilah are led by our Teen Leaders in each of the 4 classrooms. Tokens are earned at groups and traded in for fun prizes at the end!

Teen Shabbat Morning Program: Our teens create and participate in their own Teen Kiddush. Our young men and women have separate kiddush rooms to socialize, hear a Dvar Torah and eat together.

BNEI AKIVA: On Shabbat afternoon Grades 1-8 are invited to participate in Bnei Akiva programming. This hour is filled with fun, friends, informal instruction, games and treats, all led by our Teen Leaders, our Madrichim! Bnei Akiva Madrichim participate in special activities during the week to build the upcoming programming and to enjoy some ice cream or homemade hummus together.

CHILLZONE: On Motzei Shabbat we have ChillZone for boys and girls! Saturday night learning, fun, raffles, prizes, and pizza!! This program is always exciting and lasts through the months of daylight savings time. The more times each child participates the better the swag they will walk away with at the end.

PROJECT LINDA: Our amazing Teen Leaders are developed in our Project Linda program on Sunday evenings, where they enjoy personal development while enjoying a dinner party! Project Linda arranges amazing speakers and experts to come and build leadership skills in the next generation of community leaders.

Please feel free to contact Mrs.Tzeryl Ebrams directly with any questions.


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