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Congregation Ariel is proud to offer many classes that provide Jewish learning for any skill level.  Below is a schedule of our shul’s recurring classes.  We look forward to learning with you.

Shabbat Classes

Parsha/Torah Skill Building II – 8:15-9:00am with Rabbi Michoel Friedman
Join us as we explore the second Aliya (division) of that week’s Parsha (Torah Portion).  A guided tour of in-depth questioning of the wording and the content yields some profound and fascinating depth!  Develop key skills of word root analysis, critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the Torah as you work your way towards independent study.

Women’s Burst of Inspiration – 11:30am with Rabbi Michoel Friedman
A short, but potent and profound burst of inspiration meant to stir the thought process and stretch the mind.  Topics very from a Parsha thought to contemporary issues and challenges of a 21st century Jew.  Presented every Shabbos morning after the Rabbi’s sermon (unless there is a Simcha in shul that week).

Laws of Shabbos and Yom Tov – 30 Minutes before Mincha with Rabbi Daniel Frietag

Hear The Prophets – 30 Minutes Before Mincha with Rabbi Binyomin Friedman

For Men.  Discover the Books of the Prophets and meet the great figures of Jewish history.  The stories are fascinating and the lesson invaluable.

Weekday Classes

Every Weekday:

Rabbi Binyomin Friedman
A Mishna a Day 6:20 am: Open to all.  15 minute class before morning services.  Texts in Hebrew and English.  Our goal is to learn a Mishna a day.
An Amud of Talmud 7:30 am: Open to all.  Get a feel for the Talmudic process.  Our goal is to cover one half page a day. This 45 minute class gets your mind in gear for the day ahead.

Master the Daf – Rabbi Binyomin Friedman
Practical Insights in the Weekly Parsha – Rabbi Netanel Friedman
What’s Bothering Rashi? – Harold Schroeder-7:30 pm-Conference Room

Rabbi Binyomin Friedman
Chumash Themes you Didn’t Know were There 9:00 pm.  Audio archives located here.

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