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Welcome to the launch of the Shabbos Project "Capital Campaign"! This year on Shabbos Parsha Vayera November 15th-16th our congregation hopes to raise
1.5 million SHABBOS POINTS.

Just one Shabbos and we can reach our goal-if everyone pitches in!

 The highest points will be awarded to those who normally don’t observe Shabbos, and an equal number of points to hosts hosting first time Shabbos observers, so reach out and invite someone to spend Shabbos with you, or contact the shul for Shabbos accommodations in the neighborhood.

Even if you don’t have guests or are already observant, there are many ways you can contribute to the campaign!

or just scroll down


1. How do I participate in this?

In order to participate you need to register your family using the form below  no later than 2pm Friday November 15th . There is no cost or commitment to do so.

2. Do I need to commit to a particular set of activities when I register?

Yes and No. When you register select which items you plan on choosing to enhance your Shabbos, this will help give us a points estimate.  During Shabbos, if you decide to add or change any of your choices – go for it!  After Shabbos is over let us know what items you did take on so we can tally actual total points using the same form below.

3. What am I committing to?

Nothing. There is no cost, and you are free to do as much or as little as you wish. The more you do, the more points you earn towards the raffle!

**Note: items chosen must be things you currently do not already do as part of your regular Shabbos observance.

4. What’s the prize?

After Shabbos is over we will conduct a raffle for all the people or families who participate in the "Campaign".  We will be raffling off dinners to Fuego Mundo, Formaggio Mio, Chai Peking and Top Top Kosher Market.

If as a Shul our combined points reach the "Campaign" goal of 1,500,000 points a sponsor has pledged to host Deluxe kiddush in honor of everyone's commitment and success!

5. What are the activity options to choose from?

SO GLAD YOU ASKED!  Scroll down just a tad more and choose to your hearts content and beyond!

Why is this Shabbos different from all others?  Because this Shabbos I am going to.....
(Note: items chosen must be things you currently do not do as part of your regular Shabbos observance)

10,000 Point Options
25,000 Point Options
50,000 Point Options
100,000 Point Options


To learn more about the Shabbos Project go to


Sun, January 26 2020 29 Teves 5780