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Pesach Updates

March 26

Since we are experiencing a serious health threat, we will be employing a number of leniencies that would not be acceptable under normal circumstances. Below I have outlined this year's procedures for the most impacted observances:

Sale of Chometz

The sale of Chometz will not be conducted with the Rabbi personally. Filling out the form on the shul website and submitting it electronically, or via mail, is totally acceptable. In addition, you can call me and orally authorize me to be your agent to sell Chometz. Messages are not acceptable for this form of authorization.

Use of the Keilim mikvah

People should not congregate around the mikvah. If you arrive at the mikvah and it is in use, wait your turn in your car.

Fast of the Firstborn
There will not be a  public siyum this year. Firstborn may participate in a live siyum via telephone or online. After the siyum, the firstborn are considered to have attended and should eat something special in celebration of the siyum. 

Burning Chometz 

There will be no public burning of Chometz. Please follow closely the following guidelines.

  • When searching for chometz on Tuesday night Erev Pesach,  put out 10  small pieces of bread. These will be destroyed the next morning. 
  • Before destroying the 10 pieces, place all other unsold chometz in garbage cans outside of your house. Take the cans to the curb if possible. (Many Dunwoody residents, fortunately, have Wednesday pick up). 
  • Recite out loud the following declaration: "I hereby declare that my garbage cans and all of the chometz garbage in them are hefker (ownerless) and I relinquish all ownership thereof" .
  • After garbage pickup, you may bring the ownerless cans up to the house and use them. Do not have intent to reacquire them. After Pesach reacquire them by declaring them yours.
  • If you have a barbecue grill, grill the 10 pieces of bread until they are ash. Recite the declaration of nullifying chometz.
  • If you do not have access to a grill, crush the pieces of chometz in a bag into tiny crumbs. Flush the crumbs down the toilet. Dispose of the bag in an outside garbage can and recite the declaration of nullification of chometz.
Mon, March 30 2020 5 Nisan 5780