The Dunwoody Mikvah

“A Mitzvah you can really immerse yourself in.”

The Dunwoody Mikvah is located behind Congregation Ariel. It is available 7 nights/week for women by appointment. Please try to make your appointment 72 hrs in advance.

Brides call for special alternate availability.


To make an appointment, call 678-280-9180 or text 678-549-6482 

 Please bring your $25 payment with you at the time of your appointment.

About the Mikvah

The Dunwoody Mikvah blends ancient and hallowed Jewish tradition with contemporary living. The building includes a modern, luxurious Mikvah. It is located in an attractive and dignified setting to privately fulfill the tradition of family purity, a core component of Jewish life.

Care was taken that the design and materials be of aesthetic quality, with a focus on safety and efficiency, as well as ease of maintenance. Every effort is made to ensure that the Mikvah experience is everything that it is meant to be— a beautiful, quiet and spiritual experience; preparing a woman to return to her home happy, tranquil and fulfilled.